Standing Committee Assignments

Committee on Housing and Community Development

Charlotte Barrows

Dennis Elpern

Paul Scalzo (Chair)

Sue Zaborowski (Secretary)

Social and Supportive Services Committee

Rev. Wanda Payton 

 Tanya Medve

Milena Sangut

Denise Valeri (Chair)

Judge Dianne Yamin

Sue Zaborowski (Secretary)

Public Relations, Marketing and Education Committee

Deborah Channing

David Deschenes

Doreen Filgate

Wayne Shepperd (Acting Chair)

Sue Zaborowski (Secretary) 

Financial Resources and Fundraising Committee

Michael McLachlan (Chair)

M. Carolyn Sistrunk (Vice-Chair)

Mark Nolan

Sue Zaborowski (Secretary)

Last Updated 3/01/2011