The Housing Authority of the City of Danbury (HACD) has launched a new website intended to complement its re-organizational efforts and to expand its outreach to customers and community partners.  The website will provide a full range of information on HACD programs, news about Authority initiatives and information to enable customers to contact staff, receive services or participate in Authority procurement efforts.  The website can be accessed at www.hacdct.org.


Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Domenico Chieffalo noted that the launch of the new website is symbolic of the Authority’s emergence from the financial difficulties caused by the decisions of prior administrations.   “The financial clouds that threatened the Authority have been largely put behind us,” stated Mr. Chieffalo.  “We are now able to explore innovative strategies to improve services and expand affordable housing opportunities in the community.  The new website enables us to share information about our plans and activities with the community and our customers in an innovative and interactive manner.”


The new website will include postings of all major Authority policies, board meeting agendas and minutes, announcements of new Authority programs and initiatives as well as any Federal or State regulatory changes that could affect Authority tenants or customers.  Information on all Authority programs and how they work will be posted on the website.  Tenants will be able to access current information regarding their rental agreements, submit service requests and email Authority staff.  Employment opportunities with the Authority will also be posted.


Information will be posted online regarding opportunities to provide services to the Authority and information on current bid solicitations, work specifications and requirements will be maintained.  The website will also be part of the Authority’s outreach efforts to encourage property owners to participate in the Section 8 Rental Housing Voucher program whereby low-moderate income tenants receive assistance to rent apartments in the private market.  Information on Authority staff will also be provided to facilitate communication with the Authority.  The Authority has also initiated publication of a newsletter containing news about Authority initiatives and features on staff and residents.  The newsletter will be posted on the website. 


“The site will enable us to increase the transparency of the Authority,” noted Mr. Chieffalo, “and to exchange information with the community in a timely manner.  We will be able to make the community aware of our new initiatives, such as the federalization of the Crosby Manor senior housing development and the creation of new rental opportunities in Danbury through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.” 


The Authority will continue work on enhancing the website, with the next major development being the creation of a bi-lingual component to facilitate interaction with the Authority by customers with a primary language other than English.


For more information about the Housing Authority of the City of Danbury please call 203-744-2500 or visit www.hacdct.org.