Contact: Elisa Munoz
797- 4511
July 22, 2008


Mayor Mark Boughton first released the details of a new plan that would address the long-term housing needs of veterans in our community in March. The new plan for veterans is one of the first of its kind at the municipal level. Two grant applications were submitted to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs seeking funding for transitional housing and case management support for the plan. The first grant seeking funding for beds for homeless veterans at the Danbury shelter has been approved. A second grant application has been accepted into the second round of reviews.

Mayor Mark Boughton said, “We are excited to see our grant applications move forward. We hope to see them all accepted and the funding put into action in the very near future. This new plan is a comprehensive effort that begins to repay veterans by helping them become self-sufficient individuals and bringing them back into the community that they vowed to protect.”

In order to put this comprehensive plan into action in Danbury an informal Veterans Housing Workgroup was formed. Headed by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Michael McLachlan, the workgroup includes representatives of the Danbury Housing Partnership, The Housing Authority of the City of Danbury, the Non-Profit Development Corporation of Danbury (NPDCD), the Danbury Health, Housing & Welfare Department, the City of Danbury of Veterans Affairs and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System.

The plan consists of three major elements designed to provide a continuum of housing and supportive services for veterans in our community. The first phase will consist of emergency housing. Veterans will have their needs evaluated by an assigned caseworker and they will begin receiving supportive services. Phase II consists of transitional housing where veterans will be moved to a more complete housing facility. The new housing will provide the environment and on-site supportive services necessary for our veterans to complete the transition to permanent housing in the community. The final crucial element of this comprehensive plan is the creation of a range of permanent housing. A goal of the plan is to create over the next eight years, a minimum of thirty units of affordable permanent housing in Danbury.

“The Danbury community is blessed with a tremendous partnership of social service providers, government officials, advocates, faith-based organizations and the private sector working together to implement our plan to end homelessness. Danbury will direct the local resources necessary to implement this plan and encourage our government partners in Washington and Hartford to continue their support for this endeavor,” Mayor Boughton explained.

If you have any questions regarding this press release, please contact Michael McLachlan in the Mayor’s Office at 203-797-4511.